Why Vega Is The Way To Go

Why Vega Is The Way To Go

Why Vega Is The Way To Go

We were introduced to Vega after a bad virus kicked my butt 2 years ago. A nasty inner ear infection caused vertigo and a number of other not so pleasant symptoms making it difficult to eat or have any interest in food.

The Doc made it clear that it was important to get as much nourishment as I could and that perhaps it was time to consider a ‘smoothie’ or two. Now I’ll be honest, my kids and grandkids all drink them and I’ve stood by my motto of “I prefer to chew my food”, but faced with this new situation I didn’t have much choice. 

So I rang up my daughter in California and asked for a recommendation for a good nourishing meal replacement that would taste good and wouldn’t make me feel like I’d joined the other side of eating! 

She suggested Vega Protein Powder and said their Vanilla would allow me lots of options for flavouring with different fresh and frozen fruits and if I was at a loss, their website would help me out with delicious recommendations for various combinations.  

Good news is I’ve made a full recovery and changed my eating habits drastically! I decided to continue with the meal replacement of a shake each day to ensure that I get enough protein and vitamins and I’ve never felt better. 

Don’t take my word for it though, try it yourself and don’t just wait until you are sick or need to – do if for the good of your health.

CHEERS to your smoothie!

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