Ode to a Sauna (Ray)

Ode to a Sauna (Ray)

Ode to a Sauna (Ray)

I knew what a sauna was but my first experience was in 1963. It was, I guess, what is referred to as a Swedish Sauna. One where you throw water onto hot rocks and generate steam. I loved it! It was at least a decade later when I next experienced a sauna, this time with a bunch of executives, including me. We all sat around buck-naked drinking ice cold beer and having a raucous time. The sauna was great – the buck-naked part not so much.

Fast forward more than four decades, I’m retired and we’re working on creating our own all-inclusive retirement “villa” where we can “age in place” with comfort. As each phase was completed we began to think about a sauna. We searched the web for all the information we could find on the pros and cons of the various saunas and steam rooms/showers. We could accommodate either a traditional sauna or a steam room but each required some major demolition and reconstruction. In addition, there was the issue of moisture. Everything we read went to great lengths to emphasis the need for scrupulous moisture control. Those caveats caused us to really question whether we really needed a sauna and all of the potential aggravation. The sauna went to the bottom of the nice to have list.

Weeks later, while poking around the web I stumbled on Infra Red Saunas! Wow! Maybe we could move the sauna back up the list. We were soon immersed in IR Saunas. The more we read and the more we learned the more cautious we became. IR Saunas can emit harmful radiation! That called for some serious research before we could even consider such a unit. And that research paid off. We zeroed in on a couple of U.S. manufacturers who appeared to have reasonably safe offerings. The seventy-eight cent Canadian dollar made a U.S. product very expensive, and they were in another country. The bloom was certainly fading on that rose!

However, I didn’t get to where I am by giving up. More digging turned up SaunaRay.

Needless to say, we have one in our home and we use it almost every day.

Canadian made, low emissions, beautiful non-off gassing wood and a snap to put together. We opted for the two person unit but use it as a one person sauna for two reasons. I am a big boy, fifty-four inch chest and broad shoulders doesn’t leave much room for a second person, and I’m mildly claustrophobic so we figured that the one person unit might be a little too confining for my comfort. We can’t say enough good things about SaunaRay but we invite you to get on YouTube, search SaunaRay and you will find everything you need to inform your decision making if you are thinking about an IR sauna.

A footnote, we added a massage chair to our “salon”. What a way to start the day; Coffee – sauna – rest – shower – massage! This aging in place is pretty darned good. ~ Thumper

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