Great Winter Skin by Oil of Olay

Great Winter Skin by Oil of Olay

Great Winter Skin by Oil of Olay

As the seasons change and the air outside gets colder outside, we turn the heat up inside and our skin often gets annoyed!  

Here are our recommendations featuring products from Oil of Olay that we hope you enjoy! 

You’ll still need a moisturizer with an SPF, especially if you’re anything like us and love winter sports like skiing, skating and hiking. Olay Regenerist UV Defence Enhancing Lotion wth SPF 15 not only helps prevent signs of aging while protecting against damaging UV rays, it provides a great light hydration so your skin looks revitalized and fresh. You can easily apply makeup or just head out oh-natural! 

Washing your hands in the winter can dry them out so be sure you choose Olay Age Defying Beauty Bar! Or their Ultra Moisture Beauty Bar. These bars smell great and are perfect for guest bathrooms and on your own personal vanity. 

Keep your skin looking fresh with an exfoliation regimen. We like to keep it simply by using Olay Make-Up Remover Wet Cloths, these little babies will remove dirt, oil and even waterproof mascara! For an extra boost of clean and exfoliation check out their ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System. 

Keep your showers short, excessive hot bathes or showers strip your skin of moisture so be sure you use Olay’s Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion! 

We think you’ll love the price point and the fact that you’ll find all these products in your local drugstore making it super simple to replenish when you run out! 

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